Thursday, March 22, 2012

semi-lazy spring break nails and relaxation

I'm in the middle of spring break and can finally blog! Haha. It's been busy. >.<!!

Ever since I started the nursing program, I (as well as all the other students) had to give up painting our nails or getting our nails I took advantage of the break and painted my nails (and my sister's!)

Here's my art deco inspired nails...followed the tutorial from The Beauty Department! least it's close to that one! Not as perfect haha...

And my sister's nails I did...inspired by these Louis Vuitton sandals we found in Teen Vogue (April 2012)! For those of you who don't really like feet warned! I personally found the print really cute! Unfortunately my spring break at home has been very rainy so showing off pretty toe nails was out of the question.

And lastly I'm going to try and relax for the last few days of my spring break. Do some refreshing face cleansing. Manipedi and clean off my nails before going back to school...some more shopping (hahaha...gets post very soon..) and most importantly spend time with my man! :D

I have recently fallen in love with eye masks~ :D
So refreshing after a long day of clinicals and tutoring~

and till next time!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I broke...

And ended up buying this dress from Material Girl...and HOPEFULLY until the end of the semester I will slowly and surely go cold turkey from buying random clothes and stuff so I can be a little motivated to lose a little weight. XD

It has a cute sweetheart collar and it's such a fun dress for the spring/summer!! :D I'm pretty excited since I've wanted a heart cutout dress for a while now!

I think this impulse buy happened because of the two consecutive exams I just took earlier in the day.....and it was $10 off....with another 10% off I'm content there. ;D

 Speaking of cool dresses....I LOVE Bom's dresses in this 2NE1 PV!!!