Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Papercute: Doodleband photoshoot

Hey all! Sorry that "next week" post never came!! So here's the surprise in one big step!

A couple months ago, collaberated with a long time friend Bisque of FoxTale Designs to model my new doodlebands for me. She arranged the photoshoot with the awesome and talented photographer Adrian St. Onge of I Take Faux Toes and also invited a friend, Kelsey Nicole, to model some of the doodle bands with her! Annnnd after a looong wait these beautiful pictures were produced! ;D These photos will be featured on my shop and a lot of the headbands they are wearing will be sold also! This weekend, I will be reopening my etsy shop and selling the doodlebands as well as my paper goods. :) I'll give you all the rundown of what's going to be listed this weekend later in the post.

First! The pictures!! I'll just post a few of my favorites from the bunch! There were so many pictures it was so hard to choose! If you want to see more go to my fanpage!! (

Here is the lovely Bisque! Go and check out her fan page and her blog!! She does makeup, modeling, designing, and so much more! (Kinda wish I were that cool XD)

And also a newly made friend, Kelsey Nicole, who also modeled the doodlebands with Bisque! Isn't she gorgeous!? She pulls off so many looks so well~ Check her out at her fan page also for more of her work!! The polka dot romper and the lace dress will be on sale at FoxTale Designs soon! (and if I'm not spamming you all with fan pages and links enough)...Foxtale Designs Fan Page Here ;D

Some cute shots together of the bunny doodlebands~ I thought these two were adorable :3

Hope everyone liked the photos! And again, if you would like to see more, the rest are on my fan page! :D

Many of the doodlebands in the album are going to be listed on the weekend. In addition to them, I will also be adding the jeweled version of the doodlebands on the crowns, kittens, devils, bears, and bunnies. The colors of the ones listed will also be the ones available for purchase. If you are wanting a custom color with or without the jewels, just contact me via etsy or facebook. So far, the response of my little promoting so far is better than I expected! Thank you everyone for all your support!

Until the weekend ;D

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Papercute news and things

So in the past month-ish, I participated in some local markets! :) I'm no longer a newbie! Yet haha. All the times I have been in a market, I have always shared it with a fellow artist friend. It makes it so much more fun, especially when I am still new at it. I think..maybe next time, I may try and go solo.

The first market I was at was the Red Barn Outdoor Market! It was out in the middle of nowhere but it was quite a sizable market ;) It lasted for about 6 hours from the morning until early in the afternoon. There were food vendors and music too. The barn was just recently restored, so it was a nice place to have a fun event like the market! Folksy/bluegrassy music was playing as well as one of the vendor's daughters singing and strumming on her guitar. My brother and sister spent a lot of time there and them and my boyfriend went nuts with the cake pops and pastries and CAKES. AGH! I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the cakes...but they were soooo goooooood.

Here are some pictures from the event! The photos are from Jade Street Photography if you want to see more! Then Red Barn Outdoor Market's Fan Page on facebook has all the photos.

The second market I took part of was a local food store market called the Spring Fling Outdoor Market! A lot smaller than the previous one I went to, but it was still full of a variety of goods and foods :3 I ESPECIALLY loved the music (lol). It was instant love. Here's a sample clip of one of his songs! (I personally thought he was better live)

The food store (Food For Thought) is a organic food store and a lot of the vendors there were natural grown and made food vendors. I was next to a guy who sold plants and wheat grass shots (They're surprisingly really good! Like an herby sweet milk). And there was a delicious coffee vendor who provided samples to the vendors since it was a chilly morning :3

Didn't take a lot of pictures as well, but here are some collages I made of my booth and some random pictures. My friend's (booth partner pictured in the bottom left) little brother drew us the signs last minute! So talented!!

Overall I had a wonderful time! Made enough money so it wasn't a waste of time..and most of all met so many awesome people!! I had quite the learning experience! And I feel like I'm getting better each time at being mroe confident at getting people to be more interested in my products!

Next time I have a market, I'll definitely go camera happy and take tons of pictures (maybe even bring out my dusty lomo cameras haha)!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!
Stay tuned next week for some REALLY great Papercute news! I was going to fit it in this post, but I think I'll save it for next time! ;D


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Return of S Machine: First Blood Part 3

See what I did theerrrr??

Aha..anywaaays..It's been since spring break since I last spoke on here, so here's the ketchup on what I've been doing since then!

Long story short, I'm having a hiccup in my education and figuring out what I'm doing. In the meantime, so close to getting a full time job (had a phone interview and waiting for the face-to-face interview *crosses fingers*) I really would like that job! As well as another job I applied for...

Papercute-wise, I had two markets in the past month and had some great success in selling my goods and meeting new people! Definitely going to be in future local markets! ;D

And of course, I have a shopping tick so I had to buy some...things while I was near broke during the semester!! aka my new staple: pixel glasses. hehe

My cutie patootie bf watchin my booth! With my glasses!!

I WAS going to have a longer post about stuff and markets and blaaaah and pictures and stuuuuff....but keeping it short and saving some more interesting events as standalone posts ;D

Here's a recent pic of me trying out the Nasty Girl blog's tutorial of a braided crown~

I'm pretty lazy with my makeup lately...just some cat eyes and monroe mark ;D
Toodles y'all
I'll have something more interesting up Thursday! Promise!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

semi-lazy spring break nails and relaxation

I'm in the middle of spring break and can finally blog! Haha. It's been busy. >.<!!

Ever since I started the nursing program, I (as well as all the other students) had to give up painting our nails or getting our nails I took advantage of the break and painted my nails (and my sister's!)

Here's my art deco inspired nails...followed the tutorial from The Beauty Department! least it's close to that one! Not as perfect haha...

And my sister's nails I did...inspired by these Louis Vuitton sandals we found in Teen Vogue (April 2012)! For those of you who don't really like feet warned! I personally found the print really cute! Unfortunately my spring break at home has been very rainy so showing off pretty toe nails was out of the question.

And lastly I'm going to try and relax for the last few days of my spring break. Do some refreshing face cleansing. Manipedi and clean off my nails before going back to school...some more shopping (hahaha...gets post very soon..) and most importantly spend time with my man! :D

I have recently fallen in love with eye masks~ :D
So refreshing after a long day of clinicals and tutoring~

and till next time!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I broke...

And ended up buying this dress from Material Girl...and HOPEFULLY until the end of the semester I will slowly and surely go cold turkey from buying random clothes and stuff so I can be a little motivated to lose a little weight. XD

It has a cute sweetheart collar and it's such a fun dress for the spring/summer!! :D I'm pretty excited since I've wanted a heart cutout dress for a while now!

I think this impulse buy happened because of the two consecutive exams I just took earlier in the day.....and it was $10 off....with another 10% off I'm content there. ;D

 Speaking of cool dresses....I LOVE Bom's dresses in this 2NE1 PV!!!


Monday, February 27, 2012

bloglovin, April Fool Romance Giveaway, Kandee's Chalk Talk

Follow my blog with Bloglovin!!!

Also...another giveaway...
The lovely Lorina of April Fool Romance (sponsored by Shoppingholics) is giving away a pair of lenses, lens case, and Melliesh Eyelashes!! Go check it out here!

And outside of what Shoppingholics provides, Lorina is also giving away this adorable bag!! :D

For weenies like me who are too chicken to color their hair, check out this awesome video by the always cheerful Kandee Johnson! :) Hair chalking...gonna try it out sometime soon :3

That's all from me~ :3 Gonna enjoy my day off school tomorrow...sort of XD

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shiro Cosmetics Super Effective Review

Hi everyone!! Hope everyone's weekend is doing well! My brain is doing its recovery from the week of school and work and tutoring...@_@

Anywho! An important announcement!! Shiro Cosmetics is discontinuing some of it's eyeshadow colors and putting them on sale on the store. Only the full size jars are being sold for $3.50 while supplies last. Not only are they discontinuing colors, but she is also renaming the colors so they are inspired by the games and characters instead of just the character. For example in this blog post, instead of Pikachu, it's called Thunderbolt. Some people are a little upset but not TOO upset about the name changes, but from now on I'll have both the old and new color names on my reviews. :)

I am definitely buying the discontinued colors :3 Maybe save some for a future giveawaaaaay...that is coming a blog near you. ;)

This week I'll be covering the Super Effective collection. This one, in my opinion has the brightest and most fun colors~

Natural light

Room light


So I'll have the name (old / new), the description of the color from the store, and my opinion of the color! :)

Mew (discontinued)
Cheerful, bright strawberry-bubblegum pink with a slight peachy-yellow tone. Lip-safe!
Super cute pink! I love wearing it with Charmander! Kind of sad that it's being discontinued so I'm going to buy a full jar of it.

Charmander / Flamethrower
Soft bright shimmery orange, with yellow undertones and a hint of gold. Lip-safe!
Charmander orange is charmander orange. What more can I say!?

Pikachu / Thunderbolt
Vivid, opaque, shimmering yellow loaded with red glitter. Lip-safe!
I really love this yellow! It's a very bright and vivid yellow! Unlike other yellows, it has that red glitter in it~ It's a nice interpretation of Pikachu ;3

Bulbasaur / Vine Whip
Bright, shimmering grassy green with a hint of a gold undertone. Not lip-safe.
Weird that I usually like to wear green eyeshadow but I haven't worn this one as much so I can't say much about it. It's a Bulbasaur greeeen.

Squirtle / Bubblebeam
Bright, clear, shimmery blue. Not lip-safe.
This powder is REALLY loose. So I took out the sifter since it didn't really do anything. The blue is gorgeous! It makes a cute liner~

S.S. Anne / Sweet Honey
Shimmery golden champagne with a light peach/copper tint. Lip-safe!
I saw lots of people review this color and I am SOOO glad I bought it. It's slightly darker than Master Sword and makes a lovely neutral color..on my lazy days.

Steelix / Victory Road
Dark gray-green with a lighter green shimmer. Not lip-safe.
SUPER COOL COLOR!! I received a sample of this with my recent purchase and I really want to get a full jar! It's hard to tell in these pictures but it's a grey in some light and a dark green shimmer. I love the duo colors~

Poliwrath (discontinued)
Deep, opaque, sparkly navy blue with a bit of an orange shimmer. Not lip-safe.
Sad this is going to be discontinued too...It's such a bold navy blue...but it's apparently really similar to You Were Adopted from the Science collection. I'll have to get that and see which one I like better (even though I'm still probably getting jars of both)

Overall Review: As I've said (and will be saying)...these colors are so great!

Some of her powders, especially with the colors I have in the Super Effective collection are more loose than others so I tend to take out all the sifters so I don't have an issue of whether or not the powder will barely come out from those dang sifters or not.

If you want more reviews, my Legends review is here.
If you're a Hunger Games fan...Shiro Cosmetics just recently released a line of colors inspired by the book series! Check out her facebook for the swatches!!

Peace out!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Win some EYEKO Mascara!

From the lovely Kandee Johnson!!

50 winners will receive one mascara! You can choose from the curvy brush mascara or the skinny brush mascara! They are celebrating their availability at Sephora now so go take a chance at the giveaway over at Kandee's blog!

Stay tuned for some makeup reviews tomorrow... :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Gonna take a break from some posting for at least another week or two....a bit depressed because one of my first tests in a class was not as great as I wanted it to be. So I'm going to try and kick those grades up before Spring Break!!

I may do a diy post or a few reviews if I have time but we'll see!!

For now enjoy this song!! ...from an addicting K-drama my sister got me hooked too....

Hope everyone has a good one!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Love

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Hope everyone had a good one! I know it's sometimes not the greatest day for some people, but I love Valentine's day because of the heart-themed things you can do!

For sister and I made these pixel heart cards shown at the top~ We used the tutorial from Mini Eco's page. To make it more colorful, we glued a bright contrasting color behind the heart so you can see it between the cutouts ~ And to make it less messy, we cut out the pixel confetti and glued it on the envelop so it gives the illusion that it is falling out...but it really isn't. :3


Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to give out my Valentine's cards out yet cause I had a lot of errands to sometime later this week I'll be a late Cupid, passing out cards and candy to my friends...haha XD

Since my boyfriend and I were busy Valentine's Day, we celebrated it last Saturday! He surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of flowers (and remembered my favorites were the classic red roses lol)!! The florist did an amazing job!

He also bought this cute box of chocolates with a chalkboard on the lid. He wrote the "I LOVE YOU!" part and my sister and I doodled the rest later when I brought it home lol

Later we watched the movie "Chronicle" Which was a surprisingly good movie. Not as cliche as I thought it was going to turn out....Go check it out if you haven't already!! Here's the trailer!

Annnnd this is what I wore on my Valentine's date...remember!!?? I'm thankful for the cold weather even though I hate it...but it gave me the chance to wear this super pretty velvet dress~

better close up of the dress pattern!

and my lazy pre-date outfit...

and my new lenses!! Finally trying out the Puffy 3 tone lenses (in grey!)

Ah and if you haven't already, be a fan of my Papercute Fanpage to get updates on diy tutorials and upcoming items! I have one preview up for this weekend ;D


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mini Bell bracelets and Shiro cosmetic intertubes

Hi everyone!!
I'm going to do a bit of a hybrid post today. I haven't had much time this past couple of weeks to really work on crafts and jewelry but I still saved a few items that I am posting little by litte.

Today it's more kimono bracelets! Two have been posted today! They measure at about 6 inches (15cm), usually a good size for children :) I really like how the pictures turned out! They're so tiny and cute!!

Annnnd continuing my Shiro Cosmetics review/hauls...well I wouldn't call it a haul since I bought these a few months ago...but here are the swatches for the intertubes I own.

Shiro cosmetics have lip products that are more like a stain/balm. It can go on pretty sheer or you can build up the color to what you see on her site. You can also purchase them as a sample or in the tube. The tube, to me, is like a mini deodorant doohicky. It can go up but it can't really go down.

Alright so here are my swatches of OVER 9000, Rickrolled and Leeroy Jenkins!
I couldn't get a picture in natural light since it's been cloudy and rainy these past few!

Indoor light


I swatched one layer of the color and another of the intertube layered. I did start to take pictures of it applied on my lips...but deleted them cause my lips are pretty dry hahaha..Below is a more detailed review of all the colors with a description from the store.

Over 9000
Bold pink, a shade or two darker than bubblegum.

Scent: grapefruit
It's a really bright strawberry pink. I probably wear this one the most...the artwork on the container is cute and I'm glad I bought it in the tube! Once it's warmed up enough to your lips/fingers it starts to smell grapefruity..:)

Red-orange; can appear coral.
Scent: ginger
Wish I bought this in the full size!! I looove this red/orange color! Before purchasing this I really wanted an orange lip color and since this came in samples I decided to try it out. They color is really really pretty and vibrant! It's a red/orange with a shimmer so I feel like I have rusty lips. ;3 Can't really smell the ginger on this

Leeroy Jenkins
Pale pinky-lavender with subtle blue interference and gold sparks.
Scent: spearmint

I really like this color but it's hard to pull off with the full color least for me XD It's a lovely blue based lavender color...but when I wipe it there's a bright pink undertone as well...XD so that's where the "pale pinky-lavender" color description comes from..I love the smell of this also~ minty fresh

Overall, the colors are wonderful! I love them! I do have to give a warning that from the tube, it does become a little grainy when you apply it. I don't know if it was just me but apparently other people say the same thing too. My other two sample size ones don't have that problem since I apply it with my fingers. I did notice that when I applied it with my fingers from the tube, I don't have the grainy problem as much either. Other than that...they don't dry out my lips at all and they look great!

I would buy more....but I spent some monies I saved for the new Black Milk collection...I bought the Tetris leggings. :D And once I get straight A's in my classes this semester I will totally get myself some muscle leggings! I don't think they're gross at all! They're almost anatomically correct! That's pretty cool!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!