Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Papercute: Doodleband photoshoot

Hey all! Sorry that "next week" post never came!! So here's the surprise in one big step!

A couple months ago, collaberated with a long time friend Bisque of FoxTale Designs to model my new doodlebands for me. She arranged the photoshoot with the awesome and talented photographer Adrian St. Onge of I Take Faux Toes and also invited a friend, Kelsey Nicole, to model some of the doodle bands with her! Annnnd after a looong wait these beautiful pictures were produced! ;D These photos will be featured on my shop and a lot of the headbands they are wearing will be sold also! This weekend, I will be reopening my etsy shop and selling the doodlebands as well as my paper goods. :) I'll give you all the rundown of what's going to be listed this weekend later in the post.

First! The pictures!! I'll just post a few of my favorites from the bunch! There were so many pictures it was so hard to choose! If you want to see more go to my fanpage!! (

Here is the lovely Bisque! Go and check out her fan page and her blog!! She does makeup, modeling, designing, and so much more! (Kinda wish I were that cool XD)

And also a newly made friend, Kelsey Nicole, who also modeled the doodlebands with Bisque! Isn't she gorgeous!? She pulls off so many looks so well~ Check her out at her fan page also for more of her work!! The polka dot romper and the lace dress will be on sale at FoxTale Designs soon! (and if I'm not spamming you all with fan pages and links enough)...Foxtale Designs Fan Page Here ;D

Some cute shots together of the bunny doodlebands~ I thought these two were adorable :3

Hope everyone liked the photos! And again, if you would like to see more, the rest are on my fan page! :D

Many of the doodlebands in the album are going to be listed on the weekend. In addition to them, I will also be adding the jeweled version of the doodlebands on the crowns, kittens, devils, bears, and bunnies. The colors of the ones listed will also be the ones available for purchase. If you are wanting a custom color with or without the jewels, just contact me via etsy or facebook. So far, the response of my little promoting so far is better than I expected! Thank you everyone for all your support!

Until the weekend ;D