Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Hauls

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend! :) I wanted to branch off from "only" Papercute related posts to share (little by little) my winter hauls. I sort of went crazy mad with shopping because of all the sales...

Sooooo I'm going to start off with three dresses! All from pacsun from their sale~ Because the online store kept adding stuff as the month went by, I made more than one order lol....yay xmas and new years monies...

Here's one of the dresses from one of the first packages...cute and ethnic~ The knit cardi and flats also was in my first haul! I wore it to a symphony concert with my bf that my sister reserved free tickets~ Time for Three are a very talented group! Check them out~!

Braided my hair all around....I tried curling it but my hair 
was too big and weird shaped for my tastes...(the dress 
has a cool sport style back made of jersey!)

I really really loooove the velvet dress (bad picture...probably will have a better one once I wear it...*crosses fingers for cold weather and a fancy event on the SAME day XD) And also didn't have a good hair/face day so I wore my new leopard ear trucker hat :3 It's so warm and cute and comfy~

Annnd...last is this cute feather bodycon dress with an open back...and new leopard print beret! I feel like a fatty in anything body conscious. Crossing my fingers to lose more weight by the end of the semester!

If you haven't noticed...new room! and new mirror! With a princess crown on top! ;D
 Look forward to a Papercute announcement Thursday!!
I'm off to do some homework~

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New layout and etsy posts

First week of class! Just one week shy of ten months before I finish the program lol!

It's gonna be a short post this week, but I'm going to try and make that up by posting later in the week about a lot of goodies and hauls. LOTS of hauls. Makeup, clothes, jewelry supplies, all that stuff.

Also! I recently was invited to join Pinterest by my bf's mom and now I'm addicted. It's a community where you just "pin" pictures you like to your "boards" that organize them and it shares it to your followers and the community. I like to like things (even on facebook) soooooo if you're on Pinterest, ADD ME pretty please~ ;D If you are interested in joining, just leave your email in the comments and I'll invite you!!

Here are some more pictures of etsy posts! Go check them out!!

And for Kansas/Onion Tree readers...if anyone is out there XD I've lowered the price to kimono bracelets by a lot since I've gotten some better tools (and skill hehe) to make them faster ;D The trick for me is to watch TV shows....lol (Anyone watch Once Upon a Time? Grimm? Project Runway!!?)

Lotus threads! Matching bracelet on my etsy!

I love the pink ones!

That's all for now!

p.s. How you all like my new layout? Kinda lazy with the banner and all but it works! I like what I did to my matching favicon hehehe ;D

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can't stop now!! [img heavy]

Its my bf, friend, and me in the reflection!! 
And pictured is my other friend's display with her 
beaded Native American earrings

Third Thursday post in a row! On a roll lol! 
Last Sunday was the last day for the Onion Tree and the closing reception was really nice! I met a lot of people and I'm pretty sure I'll keep in touch with them~ I'll be featuring them eventually on my blog one of these days! :)

This is mostly a picture post. But some fun notes...that I noted at the event. I'm not a really good drinker, hence I don't drink often. I ended up drinking a tiny bit of white wine. Was okaaaay but it got me all fuzzy. Yea...not my thing...I might repeat this same thing in the future.

Anyways~ Enjoy the pictures! Sorry for the lack of words! Will plan on doing more interesting posts outside of Papercute Thursday soon! :3

To start off...It's me in front of my display at the store! Almost everything is sold! It used to cover the entire window and branches!

Censored! ......for US peoples, did we all sign the petitions against SOPA and PIPA !? Anyways, I happenned to meet the girl who asked for a commission from me at the bazaar! And she's wearing them! So cute! :D

And commencing the cool art...

Lots of owls, flowers, art, and lights~ :D
Until next time~

Note: Just added Disqus...finally after a lot of deliberation (should have done it when I first started this new blog!!) Thank you for all of everyone's previous comments!! I appreciate every one of them~

p.s. I'll be posting my stuff on etsy slowly this week!! Starting today!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A whole lotta charm

Sooooooo embarrassing story of the day...I was pretty due for a facial waxing..and I was too lazy to call up my bf's mom...so I ended up doing it myself. Bad idea. I was an idiot and I think I pulled it a little too hard/the wrong way/whatever and now I have a tiny little breakage on my upper lip. @_@

Neosporin'd that shit right away. Good news: it wasn't really THAT bad of a break in my skin...and I am less hairy. Bad news: I have an event this Sunday and I hope makeup can solve the problem that is my face!

Back to the real point of this post!! Papercute!! This is pretty consistent right? Second Thursday...lets see how long I can go!!

This post is all about my charm bracelets! Ever since I started making my origami jewelry I really wanted to make charm bracelets with the itty bitty flowers. Unfortunately when I started, I didn't realize how hard it was to make itty bitty flowers and how time consuming it was...but I found time every so often until I had hundreds of them made and started making these little buggers!

I'm planning on making more variations of this bracelet~ Bigger, sparklier, CHARMIER!!!

They also happen to look really cute with the kimono bell bracelets I make as well~~

I usually always make stuff for other people to own (and buy XD) but I decided to keep one of each of these bracelets for myself!! They're so cute! And I love the jingly bell~

These bracelets are currently not for sale on my etsy! They're at a local shop that is sadly closing this weekend...and that's the event I'll be attending~ I'll be picking up what's left of my stuff and enjoying time at the closing reception with my lovely bf and all the other artists in town! It was a short and sweet time at the Onion Tree but I'm not ending there!! :3

Until next time!!

p.s. Had a huge after xmas/new years shopping splurge...will be posting about that when I'm all healed up pahaha

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Papercute! First post~

Hello!! Happy belated new year! I'm finished with fall semester and on to a new one! It's been quite a while! I've been busy with work and crafting and moving so I haven't had time to really post.

Anywho just making my first official Papercute post today! And since it's today, I'll do my best to make Thursdays a day to post Papercute related things!

Papercute is an accessory line I started May 2010. It's a line that focuses a lot on origami jewelry. I do my best to make the best quality in all my work and not one piece is the same. I know that there are a lot of other origami jewelry designers out there as well, but I try to make my stuff very wearable and cute for everyone to enjoy!

A little history of Papercute...I started in May 2010 making tiny crane earrings for me and my sister...then it was to my coworkers..and then in February 2011 I started an Etsy. I don't really socialize quite a lot online since I don't have that much time, so networking and advertising was hard for me. I was a little unmotivated most of 2011 until one of my friend's mother-in-law was interested in selling my jewelry on consignment! It was really exciting! I made a lot and experienced a little bit of how consignments work! Then...shortly after my birthday my friend introduced me to a small consignment shop in my home called The Onion Tree and I hit off very well with the owner and started selling my things there as well! Business picked up very fast! Soon, by the end of December, I participated in a winter bazaar with my crafty friend and we sold our jewelry along with other very talented local artists!

Unfortunately, The Onion Tree is closing in less than two weeks due to the increase in rent and other things I presume, but it won't stop me from continuing to do what I love to do!

Here are some that I recently dropped off at The Onion Tree!
My crane earrings are what started it all!! Now I'm making all sorts of earrings!

Thanks for reading!