Thursday, May 24, 2012

Papercute news and things

So in the past month-ish, I participated in some local markets! :) I'm no longer a newbie! Yet haha. All the times I have been in a market, I have always shared it with a fellow artist friend. It makes it so much more fun, especially when I am still new at it. I think..maybe next time, I may try and go solo.

The first market I was at was the Red Barn Outdoor Market! It was out in the middle of nowhere but it was quite a sizable market ;) It lasted for about 6 hours from the morning until early in the afternoon. There were food vendors and music too. The barn was just recently restored, so it was a nice place to have a fun event like the market! Folksy/bluegrassy music was playing as well as one of the vendor's daughters singing and strumming on her guitar. My brother and sister spent a lot of time there and them and my boyfriend went nuts with the cake pops and pastries and CAKES. AGH! I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the cakes...but they were soooo goooooood.

Here are some pictures from the event! The photos are from Jade Street Photography if you want to see more! Then Red Barn Outdoor Market's Fan Page on facebook has all the photos.

The second market I took part of was a local food store market called the Spring Fling Outdoor Market! A lot smaller than the previous one I went to, but it was still full of a variety of goods and foods :3 I ESPECIALLY loved the music (lol). It was instant love. Here's a sample clip of one of his songs! (I personally thought he was better live)

The food store (Food For Thought) is a organic food store and a lot of the vendors there were natural grown and made food vendors. I was next to a guy who sold plants and wheat grass shots (They're surprisingly really good! Like an herby sweet milk). And there was a delicious coffee vendor who provided samples to the vendors since it was a chilly morning :3

Didn't take a lot of pictures as well, but here are some collages I made of my booth and some random pictures. My friend's (booth partner pictured in the bottom left) little brother drew us the signs last minute! So talented!!

Overall I had a wonderful time! Made enough money so it wasn't a waste of time..and most of all met so many awesome people!! I had quite the learning experience! And I feel like I'm getting better each time at being mroe confident at getting people to be more interested in my products!

Next time I have a market, I'll definitely go camera happy and take tons of pictures (maybe even bring out my dusty lomo cameras haha)!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!
Stay tuned next week for some REALLY great Papercute news! I was going to fit it in this post, but I think I'll save it for next time! ;D


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Return of S Machine: First Blood Part 3

See what I did theerrrr??

Aha..anywaaays..It's been since spring break since I last spoke on here, so here's the ketchup on what I've been doing since then!

Long story short, I'm having a hiccup in my education and figuring out what I'm doing. In the meantime, so close to getting a full time job (had a phone interview and waiting for the face-to-face interview *crosses fingers*) I really would like that job! As well as another job I applied for...

Papercute-wise, I had two markets in the past month and had some great success in selling my goods and meeting new people! Definitely going to be in future local markets! ;D

And of course, I have a shopping tick so I had to buy some...things while I was near broke during the semester!! aka my new staple: pixel glasses. hehe

My cutie patootie bf watchin my booth! With my glasses!!

I WAS going to have a longer post about stuff and markets and blaaaah and pictures and stuuuuff....but keeping it short and saving some more interesting events as standalone posts ;D

Here's a recent pic of me trying out the Nasty Girl blog's tutorial of a braided crown~

I'm pretty lazy with my makeup lately...just some cat eyes and monroe mark ;D
Toodles y'all
I'll have something more interesting up Thursday! Promise!!