Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello world~!

First post on this blog!!
The layout is still in the works. So the beginning will be basic for a while! Be patient!

I guess I'll start with what I'm doing here. I used to blog just randomly about things I do and decided to evolve from that and start blogging about things I do AND somehow relate it to my little business, fashion, those little things that make me smile, and life in general. :) You might be thinking, "How is this different from the old blog..?" Answer: There's been a lot of planning and lots more motivation to continue with this blog over my previous one! Look forward to my "one to three times a week" of posts over "once a month" worth of posts lol.

This way it helps me get that motivation to put myself out there and actually do stuff instead of just doing nothing!

Ennnding this post in

3. A silly picture (gonna have to make new watermarks lol..

Necklace: I Adorn U / Earrings: aerie / Shirt: Pacsun

2. An obsession: Soap and skin products

1. Love ♥

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading~

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