Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Return of S Machine: First Blood Part 3

See what I did theerrrr??

Aha..anywaaays..It's been since spring break since I last spoke on here, so here's the ketchup on what I've been doing since then!

Long story short, I'm having a hiccup in my education and figuring out what I'm doing. In the meantime, so close to getting a full time job (had a phone interview and waiting for the face-to-face interview *crosses fingers*) I really would like that job! As well as another job I applied for...

Papercute-wise, I had two markets in the past month and had some great success in selling my goods and meeting new people! Definitely going to be in future local markets! ;D

And of course, I have a shopping tick so I had to buy some...things while I was near broke during the semester!! aka my new staple: pixel glasses. hehe

My cutie patootie bf watchin my booth! With my glasses!!

I WAS going to have a longer post about stuff and markets and blaaaah and pictures and stuuuuff....but keeping it short and saving some more interesting events as standalone posts ;D

Here's a recent pic of me trying out the Nasty Girl blog's tutorial of a braided crown~

I'm pretty lazy with my makeup lately...just some cat eyes and monroe mark ;D
Toodles y'all
I'll have something more interesting up Thursday! Promise!!

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