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Shiro Cosmetics Super Effective Review

Hi everyone!! Hope everyone's weekend is doing well! My brain is doing its recovery from the week of school and work and tutoring...@_@

Anywho! An important announcement!! Shiro Cosmetics is discontinuing some of it's eyeshadow colors and putting them on sale on the store. Only the full size jars are being sold for $3.50 while supplies last. Not only are they discontinuing colors, but she is also renaming the colors so they are inspired by the games and characters instead of just the character. For example in this blog post, instead of Pikachu, it's called Thunderbolt. Some people are a little upset but not TOO upset about the name changes, but from now on I'll have both the old and new color names on my reviews. :)

I am definitely buying the discontinued colors :3 Maybe save some for a future giveawaaaaay...that is coming a blog near you. ;)

This week I'll be covering the Super Effective collection. This one, in my opinion has the brightest and most fun colors~

Natural light

Room light


So I'll have the name (old / new), the description of the color from the store, and my opinion of the color! :)

Mew (discontinued)
Cheerful, bright strawberry-bubblegum pink with a slight peachy-yellow tone. Lip-safe!
Super cute pink! I love wearing it with Charmander! Kind of sad that it's being discontinued so I'm going to buy a full jar of it.

Charmander / Flamethrower
Soft bright shimmery orange, with yellow undertones and a hint of gold. Lip-safe!
Charmander orange is charmander orange. What more can I say!?

Pikachu / Thunderbolt
Vivid, opaque, shimmering yellow loaded with red glitter. Lip-safe!
I really love this yellow! It's a very bright and vivid yellow! Unlike other yellows, it has that red glitter in it~ It's a nice interpretation of Pikachu ;3

Bulbasaur / Vine Whip
Bright, shimmering grassy green with a hint of a gold undertone. Not lip-safe.
Weird that I usually like to wear green eyeshadow but I haven't worn this one as much so I can't say much about it. It's a Bulbasaur greeeen.

Squirtle / Bubblebeam
Bright, clear, shimmery blue. Not lip-safe.
This powder is REALLY loose. So I took out the sifter since it didn't really do anything. The blue is gorgeous! It makes a cute liner~

S.S. Anne / Sweet Honey
Shimmery golden champagne with a light peach/copper tint. Lip-safe!
I saw lots of people review this color and I am SOOO glad I bought it. It's slightly darker than Master Sword and makes a lovely neutral color..on my lazy days.

Steelix / Victory Road
Dark gray-green with a lighter green shimmer. Not lip-safe.
SUPER COOL COLOR!! I received a sample of this with my recent purchase and I really want to get a full jar! It's hard to tell in these pictures but it's a grey in some light and a dark green shimmer. I love the duo colors~

Poliwrath (discontinued)
Deep, opaque, sparkly navy blue with a bit of an orange shimmer. Not lip-safe.
Sad this is going to be discontinued too...It's such a bold navy blue...but it's apparently really similar to You Were Adopted from the Science collection. I'll have to get that and see which one I like better (even though I'm still probably getting jars of both)

Overall Review: As I've said (and will be saying)...these colors are so great!

Some of her powders, especially with the colors I have in the Super Effective collection are more loose than others so I tend to take out all the sifters so I don't have an issue of whether or not the powder will barely come out from those dang sifters or not.

If you want more reviews, my Legends review is here.
If you're a Hunger Games fan...Shiro Cosmetics just recently released a line of colors inspired by the book series! Check out her facebook for the swatches!!

Peace out!

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