Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Love

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Hope everyone had a good one! I know it's sometimes not the greatest day for some people, but I love Valentine's day because of the heart-themed things you can do!

For example...my sister and I made these pixel heart cards shown at the top~ We used the tutorial from Mini Eco's page. To make it more colorful, we glued a bright contrasting color behind the heart so you can see it between the cutouts ~ And to make it less messy, we cut out the pixel confetti and glued it on the envelop so it gives the illusion that it is falling out...but it really isn't. :3


Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to give out my Valentine's cards out yet cause I had a lot of errands to do...so sometime later this week I'll be a late Cupid, passing out cards and candy to my friends...haha XD

Since my boyfriend and I were busy Valentine's Day, we celebrated it last Saturday! He surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of flowers (and remembered my favorites were the classic red roses lol)!! The florist did an amazing job!

He also bought this cute box of chocolates with a chalkboard on the lid. He wrote the "I LOVE YOU!" part and my sister and I doodled the rest later when I brought it home lol

Later we watched the movie "Chronicle" Which was a surprisingly good movie. Not as cliche as I thought it was going to turn out....Go check it out if you haven't already!! Here's the trailer!

Annnnd this is what I wore on my Valentine's date...remember!!?? I'm thankful for the cold weather even though I hate it...but it gave me the chance to wear this super pretty velvet dress~

better close up of the dress pattern!

and my lazy pre-date outfit...

and my new lenses!! Finally trying out the Puffy 3 tone lenses (in grey!)

Ah and if you haven't already, be a fan of my Papercute Fanpage to get updates on diy tutorials and upcoming items! I have one preview up for this weekend ;D


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