Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mini Bell bracelets and Shiro cosmetic intertubes

Hi everyone!!
I'm going to do a bit of a hybrid post today. I haven't had much time this past couple of weeks to really work on crafts and jewelry but I still saved a few items that I am posting little by litte.

Today it's more kimono bracelets! Two have been posted today! They measure at about 6 inches (15cm), usually a good size for children :) I really like how the pictures turned out! They're so tiny and cute!!

Annnnd continuing my Shiro Cosmetics review/hauls...well I wouldn't call it a haul since I bought these a few months ago...but here are the swatches for the intertubes I own.

Shiro cosmetics have lip products that are more like a stain/balm. It can go on pretty sheer or you can build up the color to what you see on her site. You can also purchase them as a sample or in the tube. The tube, to me, is like a mini deodorant doohicky. It can go up but it can't really go down.

Alright so here are my swatches of OVER 9000, Rickrolled and Leeroy Jenkins!
I couldn't get a picture in natural light since it's been cloudy and rainy these past few!

Indoor light


I swatched one layer of the color and another of the intertube layered. I did start to take pictures of it applied on my lips...but deleted them cause my lips are pretty dry hahaha..Below is a more detailed review of all the colors with a description from the store.

Over 9000
Bold pink, a shade or two darker than bubblegum.

Scent: grapefruit
It's a really bright strawberry pink. I probably wear this one the most...the artwork on the container is cute and I'm glad I bought it in the tube! Once it's warmed up enough to your lips/fingers it starts to smell grapefruity..:)

Red-orange; can appear coral.
Scent: ginger
Wish I bought this in the full size!! I looove this red/orange color! Before purchasing this I really wanted an orange lip color and since this came in samples I decided to try it out. They color is really really pretty and vibrant! It's a red/orange with a shimmer so I feel like I have rusty lips. ;3 Can't really smell the ginger on this

Leeroy Jenkins
Pale pinky-lavender with subtle blue interference and gold sparks.
Scent: spearmint

I really like this color but it's hard to pull off with the full color least for me XD It's a lovely blue based lavender color...but when I wipe it there's a bright pink undertone as well...XD so that's where the "pale pinky-lavender" color description comes from..I love the smell of this also~ minty fresh

Overall, the colors are wonderful! I love them! I do have to give a warning that from the tube, it does become a little grainy when you apply it. I don't know if it was just me but apparently other people say the same thing too. My other two sample size ones don't have that problem since I apply it with my fingers. I did notice that when I applied it with my fingers from the tube, I don't have the grainy problem as much either. Other than that...they don't dry out my lips at all and they look great!

I would buy more....but I spent some monies I saved for the new Black Milk collection...I bought the Tetris leggings. :D And once I get straight A's in my classes this semester I will totally get myself some muscle leggings! I don't think they're gross at all! They're almost anatomically correct! That's pretty cool!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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