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Shiro Cosmetics Haul (Legends) and more

Hello hello hello!!
Yes yes yes I did miss my Papercute post last week unfortunately due to some personal problems, but by the weekend it resolved and I was more motivated to prepare for some new blog content~ :)

First off!! I finished making a custom necklace for my coworker and her sister inspired by their new daycare that they are opening soon~ Aren't they cute! It's called Fancy Pants Child Care and they used a cute sketch of the Eiffel tower and some clouds as their logo!

 I recently received another order from Shiro Cosmetics~ It's funny how I always order one of Caitlin's new collections, she makes a new one around the same time. >.<!! Oh due time it's my goal to catch them all ;D Shiro Cosmetics is a really cute and geeky cosmetics brand that are inspired by games. It's run mainly by an awesome single mom named Caitlin! Go check her stuff out at!! A lot of her makeup, like many indie makeup shops, are available in different sizes. I order a lot of the minis (3 USD) and the sample bags (1 USD). She also has the full size (2 grams) at 5 USD. I have so many colors so the mini size (1 gram) is plenty for me!

I ordered a few colors here and there from all of her collections before her new Valentine's collection came out...but since there are so many I've decided to separate the reviews in parts depending on how many eyeshadows I have from each collection. Since I have soooo many from the Legends collection (inspired by the Zelda series), I'll be starting with that!

The top row is the eyeshadow on my skin applied dry (no primer) and the bottom row is applied wet. With primer, the colors resemble when applied wet...sometimes you gotta pack the colors well enough. :)

Left to right: Ocarina, Master Sword, Triforce, Rupee, Hearts, Link, Zelda, Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, Majora's Mask, Midna, Ganondorf, and Veran

Here are the colors in natural light (facing window)

Natural/room light (away from window)

With flash

A color by color review! I'm a NC20...but I guess since it's on my left arm is probably a shade or two darker lol because of my driving. I'll give the description of the color stated by Shiro Cosmetics then my own opinion of the color.

(EDIT: added new names and discontinued colors)

Colors I've had for a few months...
Ocarina (discontinued)
Silver-toned blue with a sparkly finish. Not lip-safe.
A beautiful light blue I like to combine with one of my copper colors (For Science) from the Science collection. It's really light when applied dry so I always apply it on with primer.

Master Sword
Super-glittery pale taupe - a blend of silver and gold, with bright silver sparks. Lip-safe!
My FAVORITE neutral go-to color. Whenever I'm lazy, I always use this color over a bit of eyeliner and I'm done! It gives me a nice fresh look~

Pure shimmering gold with bright golden sparkles. Lip-safe!
I absolutely love this gold! I unfortunately did a bad job of swatching it but it's literally a GOLD. I like to use it with Master Sword and For Science.

Bright green-gold with light shimmer. Not lip-safe.
I tend to use this color on my inner eye or as a under eyeliner. It's a lovely lime green! I had to have it!

Bright, true red with subtle shimmer. Lip-safe!
Love this red!! It's the best red I've ever seen! And I've heard that it looks great when applied on the lips! Gonna have to try it out sometime~

Link / Hero of Ages
Dark, blue-toned forest green with light shimmer. Not lip-safe.
This is a really pigmented color. I noticed a lot of her greens are pretty pigmented. It's a really nice forest green nonetheless~

My new colors!!
Zelda / Princess
Soft salmon-y pink with bright golden sparks. Lip-safe!
It's really light and really similar to one of my other colors (Mew) but it has a more peachy tone. I'm going to try Bisque's Georgia Peach Eye Makeup tutorial with this color~

Din's Fire
Delicate cool-toned purple-pink with bright red sparks. Lip-safe!
Loooove this lavender!! I have no idea how it I will pull it off but it was too pretty~ And it really does have red sparkles!!

Farore's Wind
Light blue-toned green with silver shimmer. Lip-safe!
A mint color I also needed to have! Pastel colors are coming in for the spring season!

Majora's Mask
Super-bright purple with orange shimmer and tons of red, green, and yellow sparks. Not lip-safe!
A very sparkly purple. Totally reminds me of the game. This one is going to be a tough one for me to figure out how to use...

Midna / Twilight Realm
Shimmery medium gray packed with bold aqua sparks. Lip-safe!
I always liked Midna in Twilight Princess~ Thus I also like her color!

Velvety black with strong dark red shimmer. Lip-safe!
This will be a very sexy color in the future. Plus check out this awesome parody of our evil friend.

Veran / Dark Sacrifice
 Super-dark blue-black loaded with aqua and purple sparks. Not lip-safe.
Super beautiful BLUE. I can't wait to use this one!

Overall Review: I love the colors and their pigmentation! Some of the lighter colors tend to be more loose than the darker colors, but I don't really have a problem with that. The lighter colors look pretty powdery and light on my skin when applied dry also so it's always good to have some decent primer. It's also nice to know that all her products are vegan and that many of them are lip safe~ I can't wait to try out new looks with these new colors!!

I also have to say that one of the other reasons why I love this brand is because of the names of the products and how much they match what they're named after. I geek over it...thus I buy it.

This was a really long post...I need to get back to study for my test aaannnd I'll be taking a break before my next makeup review...tooodles~ ;D

Oh! And outfit from yesterday...

Hat, top, skirt: Pacsun
Jacket&tights: no idea

Hope you all had a great weekend!
(and enjoyed the Superbowl haha...the halftime show was really good!)

p.s. Disqus is doing weird things on my browser and my comment link disappears a lot...unless you open the specific post it has the comment box at the bottom. Does that happen to any of you?

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