Thursday, January 12, 2012

A whole lotta charm

Sooooooo embarrassing story of the day...I was pretty due for a facial waxing..and I was too lazy to call up my bf's I ended up doing it myself. Bad idea. I was an idiot and I think I pulled it a little too hard/the wrong way/whatever and now I have a tiny little breakage on my upper lip. @_@

Neosporin'd that shit right away. Good news: it wasn't really THAT bad of a break in my skin...and I am less hairy. Bad news: I have an event this Sunday and I hope makeup can solve the problem that is my face!

Back to the real point of this post!! Papercute!! This is pretty consistent right? Second Thursday...lets see how long I can go!!

This post is all about my charm bracelets! Ever since I started making my origami jewelry I really wanted to make charm bracelets with the itty bitty flowers. Unfortunately when I started, I didn't realize how hard it was to make itty bitty flowers and how time consuming it was...but I found time every so often until I had hundreds of them made and started making these little buggers!

I'm planning on making more variations of this bracelet~ Bigger, sparklier, CHARMIER!!!

They also happen to look really cute with the kimono bell bracelets I make as well~~

I usually always make stuff for other people to own (and buy XD) but I decided to keep one of each of these bracelets for myself!! They're so cute! And I love the jingly bell~

These bracelets are currently not for sale on my etsy! They're at a local shop that is sadly closing this weekend...and that's the event I'll be attending~ I'll be picking up what's left of my stuff and enjoying time at the closing reception with my lovely bf and all the other artists in town! It was a short and sweet time at the Onion Tree but I'm not ending there!! :3

Until next time!!

p.s. Had a huge after xmas/new years shopping splurge...will be posting about that when I'm all healed up pahaha


  1. Hi there!! It has been a while! I'm so glad I found your new blog, and I wondered why you don't update anymore!! XDD

    Your charms are soooo adorable! Make me one, too, please! <3

  2. very cute!!! u r amazing to make these little charms <333


  3. Heyooo! I added your etsy to my favs <3 Lately I've been addicted to etsy (sadly not selling, but rather...buying).
    I loveee those kimono bell bracelets @__@ adorable! I will have to keep my eye out for those if you ever put them up on your etsy.