Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can't stop now!! [img heavy]

Its my bf, friend, and me in the reflection!! 
And pictured is my other friend's display with her 
beaded Native American earrings

Third Thursday post in a row! On a roll lol! 
Last Sunday was the last day for the Onion Tree and the closing reception was really nice! I met a lot of people and I'm pretty sure I'll keep in touch with them~ I'll be featuring them eventually on my blog one of these days! :)

This is mostly a picture post. But some fun notes...that I noted at the event. I'm not a really good drinker, hence I don't drink often. I ended up drinking a tiny bit of white wine. Was okaaaay but it got me all fuzzy. Yea...not my thing...I might repeat this same thing in the future.

Anyways~ Enjoy the pictures! Sorry for the lack of words! Will plan on doing more interesting posts outside of Papercute Thursday soon! :3

To start off...It's me in front of my display at the store! Almost everything is sold! It used to cover the entire window and branches!

Censored! ......for US peoples, did we all sign the petitions against SOPA and PIPA !? Anyways, I happenned to meet the girl who asked for a commission from me at the bazaar! And she's wearing them! So cute! :D

And commencing the cool art...

Lots of owls, flowers, art, and lights~ :D
Until next time~

Note: Just added Disqus...finally after a lot of deliberation (should have done it when I first started this new blog!!) Thank you for all of everyone's previous comments!! I appreciate every one of them~

p.s. I'll be posting my stuff on etsy slowly this week!! Starting today!

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